Meet The Distributors

  1. Stephanie Clark ID 801405
    Hi everyone! I am a jack of all trades- but recently feel like I have found a passion working as part of this company! I work full-time as a teacher (English at Secondary level) but am hoping to move over to this full-time within two years. I own two stunning young lads aged 11 and 9, and have a beautiful step-daughter who is 5. Between everything, I still manage to squeeze in time to do this; probably due to the fact that I am a SERIOUS lover of this make-up...and am slightly addicted! The girls and I are just a little snippet of the larger team- all of which are so unbelievably supportive and some of whom I feel that I have built lifelong friendships with. I thrive on helping people progress (probably the teacher in me) and I just love smiles and glitter! A typical girlie girl through and through! I hope you enjoy getting to know me! I can't wait to start blogging about my everyday life!
  1. Marie McNeill ID 801525
    Hi guys, so a bit about me... Hard to know where to start it here goes...My name is Marie but some know me as the 👄LippyLass👄. I am Mum to 2 beautiful children Donncha 3 and Caoimhe 1. They keep me on my toes and I love every second of it! I am married to my best friend who supports me in everything I do. (Even if sometimes it's a little crazy). I work part time as a PE teacher in a secondary school. Those who know me will know I like a challenge and never give up on anything! People sometimes think I'm just a tomboy but they are so wrong! Watch this space to learn all about my crazy, hectic & wonderful life love Marie ❤️
  2. Carly Matteucci ID 801471
    American girl living in London .....🇺🇸🇬🇧 Originally from the Midwest , born on Indian reservation and delivered by a nun. My name is Carly after long wind romance I ended up in the UK. Love is what you can say is what brought me here then turned sour . But I must say I have gotten accustom to European life style , cultures, fast pace , and the fact your close to many other countries . 😊 I am single mom of 3 children . Catherine 21 ( who lives in America ) Isabella age 8 ( more like 8 going on 21 lol) James age 10 . I studied pre vet medicine / biology vet tech work . I am a busy mother of Bella and James spend many times running back and forth with there busy social life. I was introduced by this amazing product I would love to share it with you . And I do classify myself as a girly girl who loves fashion , makeup , fitness among many other things I would like to share with you on my blog as you get to know a bit of a snippet of my life . Best wishes, Carly xx