Thinking about joining us?

We are all about empowering others and offering this fabulous opportunity to anyone who may be interested. This company and team are simply amazing, and the commission rate is 40% (which is far superior to the majority of networking marketing companies). This huge profit margin will allow you to make money without building a team if you want to- which is not the case for many other companies. We give you a choice- the profit margin available gives you that choice.

Some companies require a huge outlay for a kit, which means huge financial commitment before you have had a chance to get to know the products you are selling- not us- we encourage you to build your kit at your own pace, and when you consider the fact that you only need to sell 9 lipcolours to make a profit of £240, that is not difficult!

We have no monthly targets, no minimum sales!

If you join our team, you will also have access to a site just like this, so you will be able to discuss, in your blog, your other business ventures on here too  (so long as they do not directly conflict with our products). So- if you are a make- artist- you are free to share your work; if you design clothes, you also free to share your photos etc.

The outlay for starting your business (which pays for free postage and access to all the business tools you could possibly need to get you started) is just £85!

Still want to know more? Fill in the form on the contact page and choose a distributor!